It’s Mother’s Day soon! Here are a few things for me the Mama in your life. To be honest I’d be happy with just a bacon sandwich and an afternoon in a cafe with my magazines and knitting by myself.

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1. I have discovered the work of Nathalie Lete who’s art is a bit whimsical, as if straight out of a beautiful vintage children’s book. There are lots of birds and cats featured (always a big tick for me) and this bird print at Swoon Lounge is £95, but she also does ceramics, furniture, crochet and even a meat rug, which is amazing.

2. Um, ok, so this might be just me, but I find the idea of a paint by numbers to be a relaxing one. Or maybe I’m just actually eight years old? But look! It’s being creative without being creative and it’s not a bad picture to have at the end of it (in a kitsch kind of way). Or maybe a Columbo paint by numbers would be better?

3. Some freesia bulbs from Crocus. Such a gorgeous little flower. Surely sending bulbs to grow in the garden forever is better than a bunch of flowers that only last a couple of weeks at best? Or for an even better present, plant them in a lovely pot already.

4. The Somerset bag from Johansen. I love this bag so much, it holds everything, including a laptop and it was made to be a camera bag so will safely hold a DSLR and a couple of lenses! It’s really rare to find a camera bag that’s also stylish and it’s such a shame that this bag is $199 otherwise I’d have bought it years ago.

5. For new mums, how about a breastfeeding necklace that doesn’t look like your usual breastfeeding necklace? This one from Bebe and Me Beads come in a range of fab colours and should help your nursling from yanking your hair while feeding (yeah, thanks, Arthur) and give them something to play with instead and they can chew on it when their teeth hurt too.

6. Who doesn’t like receiving a good cookbook? Scandinavian Baking by Trine Hahnemann looks great and it has a recipe for cardamom buns, so I’m sold.

7. …and then you can eat your lovely Scandi bakes from this amazing Old Havana dinnerware from Anthroplogie. Anthro always do good kitchenware (including things from Nathalie Lete!), one of these days I’ll have a big dresser full of the stuff and it’ll be the most beautiful thing ever.

8. I take so many photos these days but never print them, but I should because there’s nothing like looking through a photo album. Sure you can get some fancy book photo albums (and they’re great, I do one a year for Dave on Father’s Day), but these classic photo albums from Present & Correct are so simple and smart and I can just picture (ha!) a bookshelf full of these lined up neatly, full of memories.

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