I’ve been meaning to mention the Fathers day trip we took to the Epping Ongar Railway. It’s a heritage railway in the lovely Essex countryside that was once part of the London Underground. To get there you can park up in Ongar (a lovely looking village that needs more exploring), which is what we did, or you can catch a heritage bus from Epping tube station, which sounds much more fun.



Ongar station

As we had got there early our first engine was a diesel. It was nice enough (and I’m sure the carriage I was in was an old Lymington – Brockenhurst coach), but you kind of go to a heritage railway for the steam, right?

We stopped off at North Weald station for a cup of tea and waited for a steam engine. The station is really sweet, has been well restored and has a lovely buzz. The cafe is an old train carriage and there’s plenty of space to let the little ones run around in.

North Weald station picnickers


And then the steam arrived, and lo, the engine was Met 1, the loco that was used during the recent steam trip through the Underground that me and Dad went on, so I was dead chuffed to be travelling on that.

Met 1

PicMonkey Collage

Betsy loved the trip and the rest of us travellers did to. It was a bit of a quick visit as we had a lunch to go to, but we’ll be back with a picnic and a full day ahead of us (and we’ll go from Epping too).

Epping Ongar Railway is open every weekend (and Mondays and Fridays during the summer). This weekend is a special Tube 150 event where you can see Met 1 and the first class carriage me and Dad have been so lucky to travel on (have I mentioned that?), go and have a look! It’s fun.



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