Hello birthday week! Hello being quite busy and getting back into the swing of working again! Interestingly, I’ve not taken any photos while I’ve been out at work, I guess that says quite a bit about my feelings about being back. Anyway, here’s last week:

Day 123 – A day out in town with my lovely friend Vinnie (who blogs here, she does good food) without children and quite a bit of gin. It was utter bliss. I may write about it at some point.

Day 124 – A trip to a farm! Definitely writing about this soon!

Day 125 – Bathtime fun

Day 126 – This is my view when I’m feeding Arthur to sleep. It’s not bad, is it? Just love looking out of this window at dusk.

127 – General election day. We all went into the polling station as a family, Dave took Betsy into the booth with him and talked to her about voting. She was so interested in the whole process she let me watch the news (a rarity) and we played pretend elections – Betsy had us all make ballot papers, with candidates dictated by her. Unfortunately there was no clear winner in our household and there is going to have to be a Coalition between Dave, Running, Icky, Locky and Duck (from Sarah and Duck). As two of those are imaginary though, one is a cartoon character and one is a physical activity, Dave thinks he might be able to sneak in as having the controlling interest.

128 – It’s my birthday! Lovely, quiet day spent with the family eating too much food. Good stuff.

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    13 May, 2015

    Happy, belated, birthday! xx


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