032/365 Learning to climb stairs

033/365 A 55p bunch of flowers. Bargain! We were stuck indoors today and these brightened the day no end.

034/365 Snow! Another snap from our walk in Trent Park.

035/365 Still stuck indoors. But I made a good lunch to make up for it. More on this later this week.

036/365 Betsy and Seren clutching their flasks of hot chocolate in a very, very cold Capel Manor.

037/365 Stickers. One of those days where you’re so busy you forget to get the camera out and take any photos (see also the next two days). Super fun day though starting with Betsy putting her Charlie and Lola stickers everywhere, lunch with friends and a very long shop round the supermarket.

Birthday boy
038/365 Happy birthday, Dave!

039/365 Terrible photo, but the only one taken today. Dave’s birthday dinner. Dave thought our pub lunch was with us and his parents and brothers but I and another had invited his closest friends too. Surprise!

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6 February, 2015
9 February, 2015


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    8 February, 2015

    Lovely photos! Bargain 55p flowers – can’t go wrong for that price! Love the stickers photo, I find stickers all over the place!

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      9 February, 2015

      They really do get everywhere! There’s even one on our ceiling, and no one knows how it got there!

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    76 sunflowers

    9 February, 2015

    Gorgeous flowers – I picked up some 89p daffs today πŸ™‚ Birthday meals are always lovely especially with a few surprise guests!

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      10 February, 2015

      Oh, the cheap bunches of daffs are coming in! It really is spring! *dances*

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    Kim Carberry

    9 February, 2015

    Lovely photos! You’re in for trouble now that he can climb the stairs….hehehe

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      10 February, 2015

      Yeah! And he only does it when I’m not looking, sneaky chap.

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    Charly Dove

    14 February, 2015

    Sounds like you had a good week, happy birthday to Dave! Love the stair climbing and flask photos, just lovely. Presume you had a few stickers to tidy up too!


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