Well that was February. Usually my least favourite of months, but this year I’ve embraced the signs of spring, have done lots of things and generally had a good time. And flipping heck, it went quickly! I suppose it’s because I finish my maternity leave in two months time *sob* so I’m counting down the days for that and making the most of it while it lasts. Hey ho. Back to normal this week after last week’s adventures, but still managed a couple of new things.

Royal Festival Hall
053/365 Sign above the Clore Ballroom in the Royal Festival Hall where we went along to the Big Fish Little Fish family rave. We had the BEST time. It was rammed and hot and sweaty, but I danced along to Orbital and The Future Sound of London with Arthur in the Ergo and Betsy on my shoulders and the biggest smile on my face. Art slept through it all, but Boo had fun. It also made me really wish we were off to a festival this year.

054/365 Checking out a new craft group at Love 13 in Bush Hill Park. It was really nice, but Arthur couldn’t really do anything so I’m wondering if it would be best to go to a playgroup with things for him to do too. The poor neglected second child!

055/365 A homemade soup. Chicken broth, lots of veggies, lots of ginger and a bit of chilli. Sorted out my cold nicely.

carrot and courgette cake
056/365 We have a new cafe in town and it is amazing. Part of the library, they sell the best coffee in town by a very long way. More on that later.

preschool vaccines
057/365 Betsy got her preschool vaccinations today. She was brilliant about the whole thing and even gave the nurse some plasters for other people. She hasn’t bathed since though as she doesn’t want her stickers to come off…

playing away from tiny hands
058/365 At last Betsy has found a way of being able to play with her toys without Arthur grabbing at them – by sitting up on our windowsill in the living room. Luckily the sill is just the right height for Art to peep over and see what she’s doing. Kept them both happy and entertained for ages, that did. Actually managed to make a decent dinner that evening!

059/365 Aw. Mucky Arthur and his mucky meal.

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