Welcome to British Summer Time
088/365 The clocks go forward and it tips it down. Happy British Summertime!

easter bonney
089/365 We went down to Love 13 for a kids crafty session. Unfortunately we turned up too late and discovered the place was packed with lots of children on their Easter holidays and couldn’t play. Boo! But we stayed and had tea and cake with a friend and after a while the place got a bit quieter and Betsy sneaked off to the crafty table. Although they had run out of hats to decorate, one of the people who work there found a paper plate and supplies and helped make a hat with Betsy. Boo was SO PROUD of her effort, she’s been showing it to everyone ever since.

090/365 The potatoes are coming along nicely.

091/365 Morning cuddles/wrestles.

092/365 Daffodils.

093/365 Bought a load of plants for one of the beds today. These primroses were only £2. Love how they look like they’ve been coloured in with felt tip pen.

094/365 Making shadows at bedtime.

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  1. The primroses are very pretty. I just love the colours in the bike pictures, and yes it rained here too that day.
    I like everything about the shadow picture,including the day time has been fun hair.

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