So I seem to be trying to take a photo every day again. I have a feeling in my bones that this year is going to be a good one, so it would be good to have a record of things that happen, especially the day to day things as they get a little left by the wayside. I’ve attempted this project a few times now, but only managed a full year in 2012. We shall see how we get on this time round! I’m going to try and not beat myself up too much if I still don’t have a picture at 11.45 at night though, if I miss some days, I miss some days. I’ve set myself a couple of rules for this year. Firstly, as good as my camera phone is, I’m aiming for most photos to be taken with my DSLR. I’ve had it for years and I still don’t use it to it’s full potential. Obviously if I only have my phone on with me and capture a nice moment, I’ll use that, but last time I did P365, I got lazy and ended up only using the phone which was a bit rubbish. Secondly, photos here are only to be seen in this project, not other blog posts. So no pictures from Living Arrows then or from Instagram. Anyway, here’s the first in a weekly-ish round-up of the weeks photos. Above from the 1st is our now traditional new years walk around Trent Park where we did a spot of geocaching and Betsy found her first ever cache under a tree (or treasure as she calls it). She was WELL pleased with herself.


First bit of swimming in ages. Definitely a family highlight.

Betsy practising her running

Betsy practising her running and jumping (she wants to be a hurdler). And of course she’s in a onesie and a tutu? Why not?

Empty and wonky Christmas tree

An empty and wonky tree after packing the decorations away. Sad times.


Fun on the swings. Arthur was on the swing next to Boo so Betsy spent most of her time waving to him.

To do

I am such a bad aunt. I should have had a mobile made for my niece Rose for when she was born, but I’ve still not finished it. I’m discovering that if I don’t write things down, they never get done, so this note is attached to the living room wall where I can’t forget!


Sorting through Betsy’s old clothes today and photographing them for a future project. More on that soon! (maybe)

coffee date

Coffee date! Betsy slept though the whole thing, Arthur enjoyed our window seat.

Kings Cross swing

Blurry, but captures Betsy’s joy on the swing outside Kings Cross station. Such a fab day. Shame about the ride home where a very over-tired Boo kept shouting “BUT I WANT TO WEE ON THE TRAIN” for the entire time we were on the train from Finsbury Park to Enfield because our previous train had a loo and she had never seen that before. Bless her. (she didn’t actually need a wee, she just liked the novelty of a bathroom on a train. If I ever take her on a sleeper, it’s going to BLOW HER MIND)


Dave took the children out of the house for most of the day today so I could get on with making Rose’s mobile. Progress!

Trent Park

Another walk around Trent Park.

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