So that rule I made about only using my big camera for this project? Totally overruled this week. Oh, well. Next week DSLR love a plenty.

081/365 We had friends stay up over the weekend and Joe, cycled all the way up from Streatham to be with us. That’s a flipping long way! Anyway, we all walked over to the park on Sunday morning and Boo was thrilled to be biking with someone else, she LOVED comparing bikes and her and Joe raced ahead of us. A good reminder that Dave and I should get our own bikes out from time to time and use them rather than have them just sitting in the garage.

082/365 So ages ago I had entered a competition that was on the side of Total yoghurt pots to win a copy of their new cookbook and then promptly forgot about it. So it was a lovely surprise to discover this book on my doorstep today! Turns out I do win things from time to time! There are some really, really nice looking recipes in there, can’t wait to try some out (I literally can’t get enough of Greek yoghurt)

083/365 Playing after nursery

084/365 Popped into work today. Turns out that the dot matrix boards in stations are the best baby entertainer ever. Who knew?

085/365 I love my little gamer family. Dave introducing Betsy to Legend of Grimrock 2, which she now loves and wants Dave to play at every opportunity. She likes looking out for torches and monsters.

086/365 Watching the sea-lions at Whipsnade

087/365 Baking cakes today. We were trying the red velvet cupcake recipe from the Total Yoghurt cookbook, except that Betsy wanted the cakes to be green rather than red. It’s not the most appetising, is it? The cakes tasted fine, the frosting I wouldn’t recommend. The taste was nice (like the little fromage frais pots you get), but far too runny for a decent topping. Oh well.

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    76 sunflowers

    29 March, 2015

    Haha I love the railway station pic – who’d have thought it? Mmm green cakes look interesting, glad they tasted okay! πŸ™‚

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    30 March, 2015

    I love your bike photo, the cakes…..don’t look too tasty! Sorry! Glad they tasted ok though!

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      31 March, 2015

      No, green would definitely nit be my choice of cake colour!


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