We got a few new friends to join us at home the other day. Fish! The lovely people at Tetra kindly sent us a starter aquarium to start us on the journey of fish keeping.

Arthur, I think, was more into the bubble wrap at this point though.


Once we got our box open we had a good look inside. The kits has everything we need to set up an aquarium including a filter, gravel, fish food and some potions to make tap water safe. It also came with a really great booklet aimed at children that gave a guide on what fish to get and how to look after them (there are also tips for adults in there too). Betsy absolutely loved reading through this.

The tank is really easy to set up:

  1. First of all give the gravel a really good wash (and I mean give it a really, really good wash – and then wash it again – otherwise your water will be cloudy).
  2. Find a suitable place for it to stay; when filled, the tank is super heavy so make sure it’s on something stable and not in direct sunlight (otherwise you’ll get algae growing really quickly).
  3. Set up the filter – this is easy to install, the spongy inner just slots inside and the whole thing clips onto the side of the tank. Keep an eye out for the clip when you open the box though – I didn’t think we had one included only to find out that I’d been sitting on it for the past 20 minutes. Duh.
  4. Fill the tank with tap water. The booklet provides a brilliant tip with this – simply place a saucer on top of the gravel and pour the water over that, that way you prevent pushing the gravel around and revealing the tank floor. Clever!
  5. Add Water Safe to your water and switch the pump on. You are now ready!


While the booklet suggests keeping just one goldfish in the tank, I didn’t really want to go that route. They can grow pretty large and I would feel a bit sorry for just having one fish on its own. Instead, after a very informative chat with a chap at our local aquatics centre (Maidenhead Aquatics, situated in the Wyvale garden centre in Enfield, they were fab), we decided to get four little rosy danios. These are such great fish. Sub tropical, so they can be in cold water, and small enough (they only grow up to 5cm in length) to have a few together in a 18l tank, they’re a shoaling fish who dart around (and can apparently jump out of the water too – good thing the lid on our tank sits snugly) and never, ever stop. You get little flashes of colour as they swim and they’re really wonderful to look at. We’ve all fallen a bit in love with them.

The fish took a few days to settle in – the water went cloudy as the bacterial balance needed to sort itself out and Dave forgot to feed them while I was away for a few days, but we are in a nice routine now and the kids just love to feed them. I have yet to replace the water and the cat has just discovered the tank so I will keep you updated on how we get on, but so far it has been very easy looking after these fish and I’m very glad we have them.



I was sent a Tetra aquarium for review, but all opinions are my own


  1. How lovely! I rememeber getting my first fish when I was a little girl and how exciting it was. What a lovely product to be sent to review, Betsy looks mighty pleased with her new fish. Definitely one for the memory box 🙂 Lovely post, thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

  2. It looks great, we are thinking of getting our 2 (nearly 3) year old daughter a fish tank next year and that looks like a great starter tank, your daughter seems extremely happy with it too!

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