Super lunch. The first in an occasional series of super quick blog posts with super quick lunches (or suppers, or whatever). I realise I could have been clever with this and called it Souper Lunch and make it all soup based, but alas, I didn’t. Sorry! I bet there’s someone out there who is doing just that though*. No proper recipes here, just a quick suggestion of ingredients and something tasty and healthy to eat in under ten minutes or so.

I’ve never really liked Brussels sprouts, at least when they’re cooked in more traditional ways. Then I came across a way to cook them that involved blitzing them with some parmesan and cream, popping them into a dish, adding more cheese and grilling them. Amazing. Since then, I’ve been trying sprouts in a variety of ways, namely in some kind of warm coleslaw type of thing (nicer than that sounds) and this is one of those dishes. First you dice some red onion and saute them until they’re soft and translucent. Add some garlic, thinly sliced sprouts and a grated carrot with some garam masala and saute for a few minutes.

Brussels Sprout hash

Add some water, a splash of cider vinegar and a knob of butter and cook until everything is soft.

Brussels Sprout hash

While that’s all cooking, poach an egg and place everything into a bowl with salt and pepper. Enjoy.

Brussels Sprout hash

*No, but there is a chain in the US called Souper Salads!

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