Ten years ago to the day, I wondered into a pub (the Queen’s Head in Winchmore Hill if you’re asking) to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. During dinner I got chatting to a man and we bonded over a couple of matchboxes. We called them Abstinence and Futility. We got to know each other over creating the matchbox’s epic story, him buying me copious amounts of Guinness, and me hugging trees on the walk back to our friend’s flat. That man was Dave. I suppose we’ve always been slightly off the wall, and it’s quite nice to look back and see how much that first meeting is so typical of how we are together. We play with less matchboxes these days though. We’ve had parties, been to festivals, visited a few countries and generally had (and still do have!) a bloody good time.


Tomorrow will be our fifth wedding anniversary. Hooray for us! I liked our wedding, it was fun. It was very ‘us’ too, I don’t think there are many weddings out there that have zombies climbing up their cake.



Since then we have had two amazing children, a cat and two houses. Shortly, Dave starts a new brand new career and I am so very, very proud of him.

Dave, are you there? Hello, this is your wife typing. I’m not very good at writing so apologies that this is a bit crap. Anyway, 10 years, eh? Ten loooong years. I jest, but it kind of does feel like forever doesn’t it, a bit? In a good way of course. I’m not entirely sure what I’d do without you. You are very much my rock, the control rod to my nuclear reactor or something. You make me laugh more than anyone else and in return you laugh at my crappy jokes that no one else finds funny. I think you are possibly just being polite there, but I thank you for laughing anyway. I know I am not the most perfect wife (but I’m close, right? RIGHT?) but you make me strive to be a bit better every day. We have created a most brilliant little family and I couldn’t be happier. Anyway, here’s to many, many more happy years together, lover, let the adventure continue. Team Garbeer 4evs!



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