On Tuesday the 100 Day Project rears its creative head once again and once again, I shall be joining in. The project encourages you, anyone, to do something (usually creative) every day for 100 days. Last year was my first attempt at the project and I found it to be totally inspiring and discovered a super community on Instagram. It’s also the project that made me start telling myself that I am a creative person and while what I produce may not be the most technically brilliant or the most beautiful, I create something that helps to still my mind, gives me something nice to do with my hands and, most importantly, makes me happy.

This year I want to expand on that by giving myself a bit of a focussed project, to create a nature journal and be more mindful of the seasons and what is happening around me, especially as someone who on a working day is mostly indoors and doesn’t even see the sky unless I’m walking to and from the train station. So here’s to 100 Days of Noting Nature. To notice the blossom opening up, to see daisies growing in the lawn, to look at the shapes of the clouds in the sky, to feel the warmth of the woods, to hear the different birdsong. I suspect it’ll be mainly line drawings, but I hope to pop some watercolour in there too. Chances are when life gets in the way and there is simply no time to draw (it happens), there’ll be a photograph for that day. Maybe there will be just a written paragraph, maybe I’ll try some unusual art techniques, the possibilities are endless! I have one big sketchbook and a pencil case full of fineliners and brush pens. I feel excited and nervous about starting this project. Last year I took it very easy and gave myself absolutely no pressure to create something, if I didn’t finish, I didn’t finish. This year, the bar is set pretty high, I want to do 100 days, I don’t want to cheat and catch up. It’s going to be hard, but it’ll be good for me.

Below are a few of the works I created for last year. I really, really hope I’ll be able to see a change, an improvement in what I’m creating this year compared to last.

Are you doing the project this year? I’ll be posting most of my progress onto Instagram, come over and say hello!


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