The weekend! Hooray! The night’s sleep has done me good and I’m feeling much better this morning. There’s playing on the bed while I fail to sleep some more.



Watching a music group video (Teddies – who are based near Windsor, but the group we occasionally go to use the same music).

The kids and I pop into town to grab a few things for the evening. We have a couple of friends coming along and we’re watching Eurovision, it’s turned into a little tradition these last past few years. Betsy wants everything she sees which I find hard and she gets especially cross when we have to get food in the supermarket and I don’t buy her a cake. Sorry Boo! We do, however, go to the library cafe for a treat. This place has the best coffee in town and the slices of chocolate Guinness cake are enormous (we have to take the remainder home in a box) and fresh out of the oven. Lovely and a good restorative stop for me and Boo.





Walking back home, the green next to Gentleman’s Row looking mighty fine.

We have a birthday party to go to in the afternoon that’s down the road. Arthur wants to go on his balance bike. He’s only just learning to use it and shuffles along. He flipping loves it though, but it takes triple the time it would normally to get to our friends’.

The party is fun! The kids have a great time, Betsy dressing up in wings and a crown and proclaiming herself Titania, Queen of the fairies (we have watched that Cbeebies version of A Midsummer’s Night Dream a *lot*), and Arthur having much fun with the various vehicles in the back garden.





Eating cake under the table.

Home time and Betsy has her bike so Dave and her go at their speed and I walk home at Art’s speed. He slowly but carefully rides his bike, pointing out cars and vans to me and picking up the odd leaf. He stops riding for a while when he spies some dandelions and picks as many as he can to blow the seeds into the air.




By the time we get home, Betsy has already crashed and Arthur follows soon after. I nip into our local shop for gin.

The evening arrives and our friends Peter and Joe arrives. hey moth get climbed over by the kiddos as soon as they step through the door.


Games are played, books are read and amongst that, the Eurovision Song Contest is watched. Ukraine win, but the stars of the show were the presenters who were funny and amazing and I wish they were on our TV screen all the time. I, once again, make far too much food.




The kids are up with us for most of the night, Arthur eventually falling asleep on me and Betsy finally going upstairs to her room when her eyes start sweating (her term). I’m slightly shocked at how late I got to bed too, it’s been months (years?) that I’ve been this awake at this time. It’s been a great evening.


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