Oh, hi Thursday! God, I’m knackered today. Woke up really tired, continued to be tired. Not a very productive day. Shock news though, Dave discovered that our supermarket own brand Wheetabix has changed shape!

Usual smoothie, usual lemon and ginger water. Struggle to get the train I want, and so I travel in with Dave.

That is the face of someone who has had his reading/Facebooking/alone time before work disrupted with inane conversation.

Work is quiet. Things are wrapping up in preparation of the general election. More MPs are requesting images of them speaking in the chamber though in preparation of their upcoming campaigns.

Quiet office. Checking Instagram (shhhh…)

Eventually work is finished and I leave the office a little earlier than usual. The walk from the train station is filled with blossom and spring flowers.

Happy mail! I pre-ordered this book back last June and it’s ony just been published in paperback. Cannot wait to get stuck into this.

As I’m home a bit earlier I try out one of the crafts we’ll be making at this week’s FUN CLUB – soap. It works! It’s easy! It’s pretty! Can’t wait to introduce this to people on Saturday.

(it smells of rose)

Kids home and they play while I cook dinner. Arthur fills trucks with craft supplies.

Dave is out tonight so I put the kids to bed after dinner. There’s another new Sarah and Duck to watch, teeth to brush, books to read, bellies to tickle and photos to take. The three of us snuggle up in the big bed and the kids fall asleep really quickly. They’re super tired today too.

Today ha been a struggle to document. It’s hard to get the camera out when you think there’s nothing to record. Tomorrow should be better though. I’m at home with Arthur, no idea what we’re going to do yet, but we’ll be out somewhere. Exciting!

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