Happy Hump Day! Today started like any usual work day. Cuddles in bed. Kiddos get dressed while I make a smoothie and sort out my lunch for today.

Kale salad and avocado. I’ll pick up a soup at work. Smoothie and lemon water for breakfast.

It’s bin day and for some reason, the kids, especially Arthur are so enthusiastic about it. Arthur helps putting the bins out. Normally the recycling truck appears early and the kiddos hang around at the end of the driveway waving to the bin men when they collect our rubbish, but not today, they’re late and I have a train to catch so I leave a disappointed Arthur on the doorstep. Sorry, Art!

It’s a glorious morning in Enfield:

Work is uneventful for the most part, I do grab a couple of photos though.

We have wood-panelled lifts.

I love the light that streams into the committee rooms in the morning.

A loo window with a view.

Westminster Hall. I don’t normally come here, but I got a surprise call from my sister Julia who’s in town for a meeting so she comes over to say hello. I take her to the terrace in the hope we can grab a coffee and sit outside, but the Lords are still in recess so that plan fails (we’re not allowed on the Commons side while the House is sitting). I take her out to show her the view briefly anyway.

I think I have posted this view on social media about a million times, but I never fail to get a tingle of excitement whenever I’m out here. It’s pretty awesome.

In search of a drink we grab something in the canteen.

Hi, Ju! (as far as canteens go, this one is quite good)

Ju heads over the Thames to get a train home, I grab a Tube. I’m already late so I decide to make my journey a bit different and go to Bank and get a train to Enfield from Liverpool Street. I love walking around the city. I always try to take a few different turns and try to find something new whenever I am there.

WITL17 Wed

(love the roof in Liverpool St)

Painting my #the100daysproject on the train.

Eventually get home and get the kids to bed. Another new Sarah and Duck to watch.

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  1. Hi Charlotte, how nice it was that you managed to spend some unexpected time with your sister. I love that little Arthur enjoys helping take the recycling out, I hope the novelty never wears off. And that has to be the best view I’ve ever seen from a toilet window!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.

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