Happy new foodie year! Was your festive season full of good food? I think I am still full from Christmas dinner. I cooked for 11 people and managed to cook more than double the amount we needed and then on Boxing day we travelled down to my folks for a week and so we have a lot of leftovers in the freezer waiting to be eaten, and a huge bowl of turkey stock to use. Some of that stock will be frozen for future use, but I think I will be using a fair bit this week for some healthy soups and pho for my lunch.

Oh, you see those oysters in the photo above? Those were foraged along the banks of Southampton Water at Netley last week. There were tons of them! Deffo worth a look if you fancy eating something that’s been drinking Southampton water. I took a few back to try and had every intention of eating them, but they got forgotten about. Eh, I suspect I’d probably break my folks’ knives trying to get into them anyway.

Right, on to this week’s meal plan. I have every intention of doing these plans regularly this year, it saves money! But we shall see. This week I am off work so everything is subject to change depending on what we’re up to and how I’m feeling – I have a definite cold coming on.

Monday – Pizza. It’s Dave’s last day of holiday before he has work tomorrow, so he gets to choose what to eat tonight. Plus he went to the shops today too.
Tuesday – Sausages and cauliflower cheese. We have SO MUCH CHEESE that I think we’ll still be eating it in June. Sausages are also leftovers from Christmas! I bought way too much.
Wednesday – Turkey curry. I think this dish is right up there as a favourite festive dish? I have the legs in the freezer waiting for this.
Thursday – Spaghetti Carbonara. Using ham from, yep you’ve guessed it, Christmas dinner.
Friday – sweet potato fish cakes. i haven’t properly thought this through yet, but there’s fish in the freezer, sweet potatoes and limes in the fridge. I think that could turn into something nice.

So lots of leftovers then! A nicely frugal menu this week. I also have a ton of Brussel sprouts to use up too. so they’ll be making an appearance at some point too (they’ll deffo go into the curry and I make an gorgeous coleslaw/stir-fry type thing involving sprouts, carrots, onion and caraway seeds. It’s gorgeous and that’s coming from someone who as a general rule hates sprouts). What are you eating this week? Why don’t you join in and link up?

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  1. We have been living in extension and new kitchen limbo and I cannot wait to be able to cook proper food again. I’ll be blogging my meal plans once I’m back in a good routine. Gorgeous oyster photo! x

  2. This looks great! I always have every intention of meal planning but it always seems to fall by the wayside. Its always possible to do on a good week but then ‘those’ weeks happen and then its been a month since I did it so I give up. I should really try harder as I’m such a stickler for reducing food waste and being frugal it should be right up my street! (sticks it on the ‘to do’ list!). Sweet potato fishcakes sound lush, I made something similar once where I basically mixed fish into a combo of sweet potato and ordinary potato mash, some chopped coriander and a red chilli (omit for the kiddos) and seasoning. Shaped and rolled them in polenta and fried for a few minutes each side. They were so good I should try them again. Oh and I do hope your cold passes quick! xx

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