I’m actually being a bit organised and writing this week’s meal plan early! But that could be because we’re about to go to the big shop for food, but I can’t actually go anywhere because my father in law has blocked me in so I am writing this instead. Anyway, have you had a good foodie week? Ours has been a bit up and down – the cardamom buns I was baking during last week’s post were very nice and the custard a success (my first attempt at making it, it didn’t curdle *fist pump*), the rest of the week hasn’t been so good annoyingly. The kiddos have been so dog tired after I come home from work they’re not wanted to eat anything apart from a few tiny snacky bits so I’m keeping this mid-week very simple in the hope that they both eat something. I would really like to know what you do for after school tea/snacks as I’m running out of inspiration!

Sunday – Bonus day! Chicken curry, dhal, naan bread and brown rice. The curry is from Beach Hut Cook, I have made this so much because even Dave, the man who generally doesn’t like curries, will eat this.
Monday – Giant meatball and mash (and broccoli too)
Tuesday – Mezze. Hummus, pitta bread, carrot sticks, olives, etc, etc. Things for the kids to pick at.
Wednesday – Fish fingers and potato wedges with sweetcorn.
Thursday – Satay stir fried veg and noodles
Friday – Shepard’s pie with root veg topping.

Hey, that’s not a bad week, even by my standards! Maybe I should be a bit more organised more often. What are you cooking this week?

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  1. I love the idea of meal planning: mine is a scrawled bit of notepaper! I wish my children were more adventurous. I get frustrated that they like something one week then hate it the next. Currently my older 2 won’t eat any potato 🙁 I’m going to trawl these plans for ideas #MMBC

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