It’s that time of the month again where it’s a week before payday so I’m having to be creative with what we have! That’s not a bad thing though and I think we have a good few meals coming up. It wasn’t the most foody of weekends just gone, although I did make a rather nice batch of biscuits with a hint of cardamom to give it a nice Scandi mix. Oh and we had a lovely lunch one day of crusty bread, chilli jam and lots and lots of cheese. Heaven.

Monday – Roast trout and sweet potato chips. Brocolli to serve
Tuesday – Beef ragu made in the slow cooker with mince and an ox cheek I found in the freezer. Will probably have spaghetti with it, although with this weather I’m craving creamy mash potato.
Wednesday – Homemade pizza. Dough is already made in the freezer so these are a really quick tea to make once I’m back home from work.
Thursday – Tuna and sweetcorn pasta (which is really boring, but quick, easy and the kiddos should wolf it down)
Friday – Mixed bean stew, based on this recipe from Deliciously Ella, which I’ve heard is lovely. Will probs serve with rice, kale for me.

For the weekend,I’m not entirely sure what to do. Dave is away and we have Enfield’s light parade Sunday evening, so whatever we have will be quick and easy. I’m currently making some kind of stew thing with squash and lentils for my work lunches, I’ll let you know how that goes. What are you eating this week?




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