And here we are for another week of meals. It’s five days before payday so it’s raid the freezer and cupboards time again! I like these weeks, they make me think a little more creatively, although I’m not sure if you can tell that here! I am very much looking forward to tomorrow’s dinner though. Oh! And tomorrow lunch my colleagues are off to eat at the restaurant at work. I’m very excited as the food there is excellent. I used to be a chef there, working on the larder section, but I was rubbish and the food has greatly improved since!

Monday – Mac and cheese (again), but with roast squash and a homemade tomato sauce mixed into the bechamel.
Tuesday – Salmon in ginger broth and noodles. Lots of carrots and green beans with this too.
Wednesday – Fish fingers and beans. The kids are off to the Harry Potter studios with their grandparents so they’re coming back late so super quick supper. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t eat anything actually, they’re going to be *tired*.
Thursday – Sweet potato wedges and poached eggs. Another easy and simple dinner, I’m trying to do a healthier version of ham, eggs and chips. Haven’t quite thought this all the way through yet, there will be something else with it too.
Friday – We are hosting a playdate so homemade pizza, potato wedges, other picky things the kids can easily eat.

Which leads me to this question, what you serve for tea at playdates? I’ve got a feeling we’re going to be hosting a lot more if Betsy gets her way!

Have a good foodie week!

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  1. Hey, your neck plan always looks and sounds delicious. For playdates I often try and do easy dinners, and from experience I’ve learnt to ask the parents what their child likes!! I once made pizza with salad – beetroot, cucumber, and tomato and feta salad – and wedges and my son’s playdate said “I don’t like anything on this table!” Massive parent fail!
    Toad in the Hole always goes down well, esp as many children have never had it but like both sausages and Yorkshire puds!!

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