Argh, the cupboard is bare and I can’t do a big shop until Friday. But this does mean that we’re using up lots of things in the freezer so there’s space for Christmas food. I’m getting rather excited about that – I need to start writing my Christmas day menu! So last week‘s meal plan didn’t quite go to plan, the sweet potatoes I thought I had turned out to be a bit too old to use so we had some roast baby potatoes instead, they were good! I also made a quick pickled cucumber which is amazing and I’ll post a recipe for that soon, I’ve been having that a lot recently. The pizza bases didn’t make it out of the freezer, so they’ll probably get eaten this weekend. The ragu featuring the ox cheek I found? That went down very well. Super meaty and very rich, I think this was Dave’s favourite meal in a long time. Anyway, this week:

Monday – lentil soup, we were all knackered when we got home from school this afternoon so a souper (ha) quick dinner for us
Tuesday – Sweetcorn fritters. With a poached egg on top, maybe? Also green veg.
Wednesday – Cod and potato wedges
Thursday – Fondue! Lots of crudités with it.
Friday – Homemade pork meatballs, tomato sauce and spaghetti (although I found a packet cream sauce from Ikea, so maybe we’ll use that and make some mash too?)

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