Zootopia trip and review

Betsy and I got a very special invite last week. Would we like to see a special preview of the new Disney animation film, Zootropolis, courtesy of Clarks shoes? Why yes, yes we would!

Betsy and Seren on a train

We travelled down to London one early Sunday morning with Sian and Seren from The Mama Story. Betsy hadn’t seen Seren in weeks and the Boo was looking forward to some quality time with one of her best friends without any little siblings around. We all piled onto a train (actually no earlier than what I get during a work day, but with children on a Sunday morning, it seems SO EARLY) and made our way down to Soho. It’s rather nice walking through Chinatown at that time of day, when there’s few people about, just us and a few other tourists. We started off with a delicious breakfast at Muriel’s along Old Compton Street. It’s a buzzy, friendly place with a feel of sitting on a nice veranda in a lovely garden in the summer. Their poached eggs were perfect, and Betsy’s blueberry pancakes were light and fluffy and huge.

Zootopia trip and review

Our screening took place at the Odeon in Leicester Square. There was a great atmosphere inside, with lots of things to keep the kiddos happy while we waited for the film to start. There were people creating balloon animals, face painters, people handing out animal masks and big scenes to stand in front of for photos.


Zootopia trip and review

So what was the film like? Based in megacity Zootropolis, where all animals, predators and prey, live in harmony, the story follows rookie and first ever rabbit cop Judy Hopps as she investigates a missing person case. There are twists and turns along the way as she and fox Nick Wilde unearth a conspiracy that threatens to topple the coexistence of the inhabitants of Zootropolis. It’s a funny and smart buddy cop movie that feels more Pixar than Disney and the main theme of the film feels very timely at the moment; a world where carnivores and herbivores live side by side, it makes for a smart analogy of immigration in our own world. It tackles themes like prejudice with wit and although I suspect the majority of the film’s plot went over Betsy’s head a bit, there was enough gags and cute animals to keep her entertained throughout the whole film. She did find a few moments scary though (although if something goes wrong in Postman Pat she finds that scary and she hates watching conflicts too, so take that as you will), but all in all she loved this film.

Zootropolis is out on general release now and is a great film to watch with the whole family. But why did Clarks take us along? Well, to celebrate the release of Disney’s Zootropolis, Clarks offers the latest fashionable, shoe styles and with every full price kids purchase, Clarks will be giving away Zootropolis dollars from 18th March 2016. Kids will be able to use this to claim their free digital Disney Infinity 3.0 Zootropolis character on Android or iOS, as well as receiving 10% off in Disney Stores and Disney.co.uk.

Disclosure: I was taken to the screening of Zootropolis, had a breakfast paid for and have been gifted a pair of Clarks shoes in exchange for an honest review by Clarks. Thanks, Clarks!

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